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What are Diluents and Flushing Products?

Diluents and flushing solutions are essential tools for many mosquito control programs and work hand-in-hand with your mosquito control products and equipment selections.

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The need for a mosquito control product diluent or equipment flushing solution can depend on your product choices, program budget and application equipment mix, among others.

Diluents are products that allow you to dilute a formulated product to achieve a desired application and flow rate through your spray machines.

Equipment flushing solutions are used to remove chemical residues from your spray equipment in between applications, extending the life of your equipment and allowing optimal flexibility for product rotation among your machines.

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“Our fundamental job is to discover and design the most effective mosquito control products of the future, and ensure the performance we can achieve in the lab translates to real-world operational excellence for customers.”

Yemi Susan Bullen-McClain, Ph.D
ClarkeDirector, Product Innovation & Field Sciences

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